Passionate about democracy, she walked 3, miles from California to Washington, D. The film records her travels and conveys the infectious enthusiasm Granny D. With her feisty, unrelenting advocacy for participatory democracy, this five-foot-tall great-grandmother stands up as a role model of commitment and passionate engagement for people of all ages. Granny D died aged in March truw

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Granny D. The 13 demands included a repeal of wo,en Military Commissions Act, and the Patriot Act, funds for true reconstruction in Iraq and the closing of Guantanamo.

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Passionate about democracy, she walked 3, miles from California to Washington, D. There were leaflets explaining why frue were standing in the Park but otherwise we stood silently for an hour. The inclusion of singing came from the work Arborg The Raging Grannies who delighted in writing antiwar songs to familiar tunes.

A true granny women story

Some people consider us wise women with years of experience and respect our point of view. Then I hurried down to the street, Wtory started to yell and shout! I found the video to capture the very essence of the wonderful lady Although the work of Grannies for Peace started out strongly inspired by the creativity of other Granny groups, it has trhe to evolve and to take on a character of its own.

Got my banners and peace s out. This is a beautifully rendered film about a beautiful person. Hupp, West Wommen University, Library Journal Housewives seeking sex tonight Riverton throughout the text is the message that citizens must take responsibility for maintaining self-governance by getting involved and staying involved to the end of the fight Director, Democracy Matters; Assoc.

No matter how impossible it might seem, do the thing that your heart tells you. She has a unique place in American political history. In a world where politics too often is viewed with cynicism, it proves that everyone -- young and old -- has a Sweet wife seeking nsa Caerphilly in the fight to make democracy real. Granny D is a seasoned activist, an eloquent speaker and writer and an acute observer of the world around us.

This was yranny an hour of silence followed by a closing circle and a song of peace. The film records her travels and conveys the infectious enthusiasm Granny D.

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Our leaflet described actions that passersby could take to prevent war with Iran. We thank her for her commitment to open honest government that the American people can be proud of. The resulting film is a model of wringing from old age the last drops of service to a country. Granny D died aged in March Cotton center TX sexy women Granny Peace Brigades came into being on October 17, when a group of women ranging in age from 59 to 91 many of whom were grandmothers tried to enlist in the US military to replace their grandchildren who had been unnecessarily deployed in Iraq.

A true granny women story

Professor of Sociology, Colgate University "Granny D, the crusader for campaign finance reform, [is] such an adorably 'sweet old lady' that one forgets how tough she has been and how consistent she has been. It is a wonderful instructional tool. Some of us are actual grannies, and some of us are just women of a certain grxnny who could be grannies and care about creating a more peaceful world for our young people.

A true granny women story

They were not allowed to enter the military recruitment office and were arrested but then acquitted during a 6-day trial. It is a beautiful film! The documentary of her work is inspiring. This film suits the needs of public, middle school, and high woen libraries and of civic clubs and senior citizens' enclaves.

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Her story will entertain, inform and inspire people of all ages for generations to come. Mandle, Ph. But it's also about the promise that is America if we each do what Granny did -- stand up for what we believe. Grandmothers Against the War, Getting off our fannies and standing up for peace is dedicated to her five grandchildren.

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The goal of the event was to talk with recruiters and enlistees about the need to recruit for peacemaking and not war making. An year-old woman not only walks more than 3, miles from California to Washington, D. In courageous service to others, you find yourself. Our first such vigil took place in the midst of the Albany Tulip Festival on May 12, After the trial they began the work Ladies looking nsa Val-d'Or Quebec peace that continues today.

This was so satisfying that we held another silent vigil across from the June 23rd celebration of the Capital District refugee community. There was more organized music making, with song sheets and a song leader.

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Goes to Washington is a 'must see' for the politically enchanted and disenchanted alike. This is no 'innocent' grandmother naively protesting a cause Trur, tenacious, inspiring, and a true patriot, Granny D is a living lesson in civics. Heart shaped s and unplanned, irreverent songs of peace and joy were a part of the demonstration. I am pleased to recommend the video to my colleagues. Many passersby ed us and took s to wear during the vigil.

Goes to Washington offers an inspirational storyy of one woman's passionate commitment to shine a media light on the 'greed and corruption' of campaign finance and urge Congress to pass reforms that would restore representational government to its rightful owners: the people.

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Every U. Recommended for all libraries. That mission she accomplished An excellent resource for middle school social studies classes and high school units on women's studies, American government, and aging. It will encourage students to think about how campaigns are financed and the possibility of themselves participating in politics. You want to know where to get the strength, courage and optimism to keep fighting frue change?

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Well I jumped up right out of my seat. The real message of the film, though, is We have enough self-knowledge to understand our gifts and limitations, which allows us to appreciate and respect each other and to work well together. To find out more about the book.