March 10,PM UTC By Elisha Fieldstadt An Ohio plastic surgeon used sedatives he procured through his practice to drug and rape multiple women, dating back to at leastaccording to federal authorities who have been investigating him for more than a year. Manish Raj Gupta, 49, faces federal charges of illegally dispensing controlled substances, aggravated sexual abuse, and sex trafficking by force, fraud or coercion, according to a criminal complaint filed Friday in U. District Court for Northern Ohio. The FBI began investigating Gupta, a board-certified plastic surgeon with offices in Toledo and Oregon, Ohio, and one in Michigan, in JanuaryB,ack a woman who worked as Lady seeking sex Bass Lake "high-end escort" reported that Gupta had "improperly drugged and then performed sex acts" on her in September Manish Gupta. Lucas County Corrections Center exchanges show Gupta and the sex worker, identified as KB, had arranged to meet wex a hotel ogio Los Angeles, where Gupta would be for a convention, according Black sex ohio an arrest affidavit.

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He testified that he contacted the Newark police to report the extortion allegations. Inboth the State of Ohio Medical Board and the Toledo Police Department received calls from someone claiming Gupta had been raping women for years, according to federal investigators.

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That video was dated December She further admitted that she had no housing because she spent her money on drugs. She did, however, visit two websites that women who date online and work in the sex industry use to report "men who are dangerous," the affidavit said.

He kept her with him for four hours, engaging in various sex acts. Appellant pulled down Licking County, Case No.

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Craig R. He argues that C. Appellant argues that these documents included police reports with inadmissible hearsay. Costs are assessed to appellant.

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In the morning, KB drove to the onio of a client who is an anesthesiologist, and asked him to administer a drug test. She resisted, believing he would harm or kill her. Franklin No. The board issued Gupta warnings following the audit.

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Inappellant was convicted of two counts of rape and gross sexual imposition upon a plea of no contest. The victim was afraid appellant would hurt or kill her. Plaintiff - Appellee : Hon. Employees who traveled with him for frequent conferences and conventions also found it strange that he never brought a bag on flights.

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Newsletter up to receive the Free Law Project newsletter with tips and announcements. He is being held without bond. She was homeless at the time, and appellant offered to let her stay with him for a few days until she reported to the Licking County Jail to serve a misdemeanor sentence. Appellant did preserve the right to argue that the police statements were inadmissible on appeal; however, appellant has not argued this issue separately in his brief, and we may therefore disregard it pursuant to App.

She then saw appellant standing in the room, holding a knife. When he finally fell asleep on a picnic table, she ran off to get help.

It was ohik immediately clear if Gupta has a lawyer. The judgment finding appellant Licking County, Case No. During cross- examination, the following colloquy occurred: Licking County, Case No.

He testified that after they were finished engaging in sex, C. State v.

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Jenks, 61 Ohio St. Cosolis, 10th Dist.

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She had one boot on, and was distraught. Two State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy audits at Gupta's Toledo office, in andfound that Gupta was seex properly documenting when drugs were delivered and administered, according to the affidavit. He was sentenced to an aggregate term of incarceration of twenty-six years to life. Eskins of the Newark Police Department heard about the incident with B.

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Black, Ohio Appellant told police that he had engaged in consensual sex with C. Agents also found vials of diazepam, a sedative, and ketamine, an anesthetic.

Manish Raj Gupta, 49, faces federal charges of illegally dispensing controlled substances, aggravated sexual abuse, and sex trafficking by force, fraud or coercion, according to a criminal complaint filed Friday in U. Complaints on the websites "dating from March through September identify Manish Gupta or Dr.

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The residents of that home called the police. Appellee is the State of Ohio. He argues that B. District Court for Northern Ohio.

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