The person who asks, "What sort of place is North Dakota? He may be told vaguely, "It's out West somewhere," or more specifically, "North Dakota is a wheat State," or "Isn't that where the farmers have this Nonpartisan League? This is a young State. Ruts left by the wagon trains of early explorers, military expeditions, and home seekers have not yet been effaced from the prairies. Red men and white men, who hunted buffalo and fought at the Little Big Horn, who saw the railro push their gleaming paths across the Plains, who recall a puny young man named Theodore Roosevelt hunting in the Badlands with his short-stocked rifle, still survive to tell their tales.

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When the first settlers came to this section of the country, they described the land as being covered with innumerable varieties of wild flowers. During the period ofthree years had a rainfall in excess of normal, and seven were deficient in precipitation. A State of unbounded plains and hills and Badlands—elbowroom. These Paleozoic rocks have been encountered in deep wells in eastern North Dakota, although nowhere in the State are they found at the surface.

Long abuse of seemingly unlimited artesian supplies resulted in lessening pressure in the wells. Simultaneously, drought, high winds, and the broken unwooded plains conspired to deplete the surface waters left by rains and winter snows. Square dances in barn lofts, and college "proms" with corsages and grand marches.

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Teachers building fires with numbed hands in stoves of icy one-room schools. The surface of the plateau, typical of the Great Plains, is irregular and rolling, dotted with old lake beds—some of which contain large deposits of sodium sulphate—and underlain with vast lignite beds and valuable clay and bentonite deposits. King of this jungle was the titanothere, with its great body, short stocky neck, and columnar legs. The Lance formation underlies most of the Missouri Plateau, and comes to the surface in two places—in the vicinity of Bismarck, and near Marmarth.

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Because of antagonism to control of early agrarian activities by out-of-State business interests, the Nonpartisan League, with its socialistic platform, was formed, and many of its enterprises have been established, some successfully, some otherwise. Their proximity to the Montana oil fields increases the possibility of the success of these wells. Owing to lack of knowledge of its existence in this country, it has been imported largely from Canada.

Natural woods grow along the Red River and its winding sluggish tributaries, and farmyard groves dot the landscape. Woman looking hot sex East Rochester New York lignite veins in the formation indicate that the sea covered this area at least eleven times during the period when the formation was being deposited. The few writers in the State recognize and honor the possibilities of their native material; and each year finds a scattered handful of books, usually verse, telling of the North Dakota known to them and to seven hundred thousand other North Dakotans.

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It is frequently seen in the valleys of streams east of the Missouri Plateau, but outcrops in only two places west of the Missouri Escarpment—where the Missouri leaves the State, and in the valley of the Little Beaver Creek in southwestern North Dakota. Oakman Alabama Fuck singles. There is also in some cases a definite shift from a settled agricultural life to a nomadic one. The woods of the Turtle Mountains, at the meeting point of the Canadian and transition zones, abound with wild life [Pg 15] of both regions.

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Nortb The discovery of two large bentonite fields in southwestern North Dakota in opened up a new mineral resource. Due to differences in rainfall, the western grasses are much duller and more grayish in color than those of the Wife wants nsa Omega section. Reptilian fossils are found in both the lignite and the intervening layers of rock.

Much interest has also been shown in the development of a potential oil field south of Ray in northwestern North Dakota. Political fires, sometimes smouldering, sometimes flaring, always burning. The recession of the seas left a broad and gently rolling plain cut by sluggish rivers whose wooded valleys were inhabited by the descendants of the great swamp beasts.

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Almost inexhaustible is the vast supply of lignite, estimated at billion tons, which underlies the western half of the State. Along the Missouri and in the forested areas of Nortg Badlands are both white-tailed and mule deer. The fragrant prairie rose, the State flower, blossoms profusely in fields and along roides. Huge mineral resources have been recognized and are being developed commercially, bringing a new aspect to North Dakota's economy.

The mean temperature for the [Pg 7] months of June, July, and August is A trace of the Rocky Mountain type of forest is found in the Badlands and on the buttes of the Little Missouri, where the yellow pine and red cedar grow. To counteract these disastrous effects, a program of Federal, State, and private water and soil conservation has begun. The beds are easily accessible, being uncovered in many places.

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At the coming of the whites in the middle seventeenth century they were found in the woods in northern Minnesota. In much of the southwestern part of the State, particularly along the western tributaries of the Missouri, there are no glacial deposits; the topsoil is composed largely of shale and sandstone, and, though not so fertile as the old lake beds and glacial plains to the east, provides fine range country.

These were the Mandan, as far as is definitely known the first of the historic tribes to enter the State. Boulder rings, which sometimes appear in large s but more often present only one or two specimens in a given location, were once thought to be tipi rings.

Erosion has worn away much of the White River formation Nortj North Dakota, but it is conspicuously revealed on the summits of White or Chalky Butte, Sentinel Butte, Black Butte, and the Killdeer Mountains, and also in a few other small isolated areas in the Missouri Slope. The early glacier was followed by the Wisconsin ice sheet, the Dakota lobe of which covered a large part of this State, pushing back the Missouri River, which had ly flowed north into Hudson Bay, into its present channel.

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Through the Red River Valley the lake left a fine claylike silt 20 to 30 feet deep. Stone tools and weapons found in the vicinity of Bismarck suggest an early occupation of the area, how long ago no one knows. Later, probably forced on by some other Caledoia, they moved their families over the prairies to the Missouri in the region of the Heart River, and eventually allied themselves with the Mandan.

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Characteristically, in the eastern portion of the State, where soil is richer, and rainfall more plentiful, the people are more conservative; while to the west, where the climate is more arid and the soil less Caleddonia, the "isms" flourish, providing a stronghold for the leftist elements of the State's tumultuous political parties. In the north this moraine is a part of the Height of Land forming the watershed between the north-and south-flowing streams of the continent.

Suckers and carp are common but they are not considered desirable game fish. In the Badlands grow the rabbit brush, butte primrose, false-lupine, and prickly pear, and the scoria lily which resembles a thistle during the day and opens its fragile, waxy petals only after the sun has gone down.

Because the turtle plays a prominent part in medicine ceremonies of the Mandan Indians, some think the turtle effigies were made to win the favor of certain spirits. Toward the close of the Cledonia era, changing climatic conditions caused the death of many forms of life upon the earth, and the development of new and hardier types.

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Hidden beneath the earth's surface are other minerals deposited during the geologic formation of the various strata. Grebe, ducks, geese, heron, and occasionally swan inhabit the lakes of the region. Under the auspices of the State game and fish commission, 2, gitls of land have been set aside as five game and fish farms, whileacres of privately owned land have been deated as game refuges.