Here Al Capone is said to have had permanent rights to suite of the Arlington Hotel. Clinton's stepfather is a gun-brandishing, alcoholic who loses his Buick franchise mads mismanagement and his own pilfering. He physically abuses his family, including the young Bill. His mother is a heavy gambler with mob ties.

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The head of Clinton's Swiss Guard, Capt.

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For example, Colby left his home jass, his computer on, and a partly eaten dinner on the table. He was also planning a TV documentary on his findings.

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Governor Clinton appoints Web Hubbell to head a new state ethics commission. Some believe the move is instigated by Hillary Clinton.

Clinton's stepfather is a gun-brandishing, alcoholic who loses his Buick franchise through mismanagement and his own pilfering. But if I didn't take the offer, then they knew that I went jogging by myself and he couldn't guarantee what would happen to my 'pretty little legs.

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Among the things that were aleaping on mase 12 lords are their erections. Massachusetts Governor Michael ILttle goes to the Supreme Court in a futile effort to stop it but Clinton is happy to oblige, even sending his own security chief, Buddy Young, along to keep an eye on things. Reed was subsequently charged with mail fraud Litte having allegedly claimed insurance on a plane that was in fact Hot women from utah in a hanger in Little Rock.

Less than a year earlier the Post had published a lead Style section piece making fun of the Mena affair, saying "allegedly dark deeds at Mena have helped foster the cult of conspiracy that has taken root among some of Clinton's more virulent opponents. Coincidence or hidden meaning?

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Brown reportedly urges Clinton to get Reno off his back, but evidence of Brown's crookedness has reached Capitol Hill and the Attorney General apparently feels there is no turning back. Litrle was indicted in by a federal grand jury -- on racketing and drug charges -- and again inwhen he was accused of managing a continuing narcotics operation.

For example, if Vincent Foster was killed rather than committing suicide, it may not have been because of the shady dealings Llttle the White House but because public investigations of these shady dealings threatened to expose peripheral criminality such as past money launderirng, drug trafficking, or illegal intelligence activities.

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She says he can investigate anything. Later, a US Customs Digty report will note that the resort is being used for drug operations and money laundering. I hope this will be a time of reconciliation and healing, and I hope that millions of families all over America are in a way growing stronger because of this.

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Parks said he didn't "know what they were doing, and he didn't care to know. The story is widely ignored in the US. There are Rodk many holes in the chain of proof for the government to prove mail fraud. Clinton refuses a request from one of his own prosecutors to pursue the matter.

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Park on Meter, a parking meter manufacturer in Russellville, Arkansas, receives the first industrial development loan from the Arkansas Development Finance Authority in He is said to be investigating various scandals including the October Surprise, the election campaign, drug and gun-running through Mena and the Waco assault. What will later be known as the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy begins on the left as a group of progressive students at the University of Arkansas form the Arkansas Committee to look into Mena, drugs, money laundering, and Arkansas politics.

No money is taken. And Robert Kennedy was charged with getting her out of the country and also getting J.

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The New York Times, among others, does not cover the story even though Lasater is close to Clinton and paid off Roger Clinton's debt to the drug cartel. Terry Reed is asked to take part in Operation Donation, under which planes and boats needed by the Contras "disappear," allowing owners to claim insurance.

Entergy will also get contracts to build power plants in Indonesia. He was fined and put on probation. From the start, there are a of anomalies including inconsistencies over the state of the weather, where the plane is reported to have crashed, what happened to the plane's black boxes, and the subsequent suicide of an airport official in charge of al aids.

Later Evans-Pritchard will write, "Foster was using him as a kind of operative to collect sensitive information on things and do sensitive jobs. It wasn't just Bill Clinton and it went beyond our old Dixie Mafia.

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There are numerous other anomalies in this quickly-declared suicide. Mary Caitrin Mahoney, a former White House Roock, is shot five times in an execution-style slaying of three Starbucks employees in Georgetown. Wilson flees, terrified of the state prosecuting attorney -- her former lover, and Clinton ally, Masss Harmon. The man knew what had happened at her home and that he asked her if the tires had been fixed and if the cat had been found.

Not long thereafter, another potential witness in the Clinton scandals investigation dies suddenly. Or at least that is what would have to have occurred if official s are to be reconciled with the available evidence.