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YA DIG. On both sides of the Hudson as the transport eased along, huge banners flew from the shores with the slogans "Welcome Home," "Well Done.

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Raymond Constabile, sexx in a report to Brig. Burns, Butler, Pa. Several thousand men from the China Theater are included in these figures. Therefore he becomes the same as any soldier in time of war; willing to complete his work to the best of his ability, and then return home. Schulte of the Co. American liaison personnel now with the unit are long-time veterans of the Burma campaigns. This achievement was disclosed today by Transportation Service Theater Headquarters, in the wake of the official closing of the "Lifeline YYungpi China" on Nov.

The Americans seriously injured suffered mainly from head wounds.

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Hazel McKinney, Baltimore, complained to reporters as published in Roundup November 8 that they lived "in an abandoned jute mill, ate water buffalo, suffered through a prolonged milk drought, subsisted on dehydrated vegetable and went the 18 miles into Calcutta only once. What weather we ran into. The totals do not, however, include those men who returned to the States by air.

The Moran Vehicle Control Depot is the gathering point for all ordnance vehicles from the newly expanded Intermediate Section and includes combat vehicles used in the North and Central Burma campaigns, as well as veteran equipment recently retired from hard duty on the Stilwell Road.

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Most of us spent the major part of our time, aside from gambling, leaning over the rails and we weren't looking at the whitecaps. William W. The last Army convoy, No.

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A story cabled to the United States by the Associated Press of America said at least 15 Indians died and were injured during a series of local disturbances in which no Americans were involved. SIX G. You want to know or understand why or how come?

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If the officers concerned accept and deal with the problems of the Negro soldier, there are no problems. When sports equipment came, it was still a little rough to play ball on a narrow ledge cut out of the side of a cliff. The vehicles shipped to Local sluts Boulevard California, coned to both Chinese and American military forces there, accumulated a total of 31, miles on the arduous trip from Ledo.

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Norman D. DEPOT BASIS In neat lanes, as far as the eye can see are marked tanks, half tracks, armored cars, amphibious equipment, ambulances, semi-trailers, trucks, bomb trailers, bomb lifts, fork lifts, cranes, jeeps and numerous vehicles which only an experienced ordnance man might name. As the troops came down the gangplank, hot coffee and sugary doughnuts greeted them. Kathryn E.

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If sx is financially expedient, much of the equipment may be returned Cataumet MA bi horny wives the States, but all particulars as to disposition are being handled by the Foreign Liquidation Commission. The crew was handling 2,pound blockbusters at the time - about of them stored in revetments. Finally, Pfc. Units on the mailing list should make notification of any major change in personnel strength or any change of APO.

Vehicles destined jn China, which urgently needed transport to help halt her losing battle against the Japanese, arrived in the India-Burma Theater in Calcutta and were delivered to Siltgurl by train and then sent on to Ledo.

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Matthews, historian with a flair for the Biblical. Nice work, if you can get it. Boykin of the Co. Inasmuch as Theater strength stood aton September 30, the records indicate that two out of every three men in the India-Burma Theater since then will have left for home by Dec. Einstein, Bronx, who said, "Boy what a trip. As she drew into the outer ilnes of lower New York Bay, a small ferry especially bedecked for the occasion circled her while the band above deck beat out a hot licks welcome.

The meal cost Uncle Sugar 75 cents per head - not counting the cost of 17, miles of transportation to India.

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The ship hit Stateside after a day trip from Karachi. Julius L.

Samuel Arington, chief crane operator. Also hospitalized are 40 Indian workmen who were burned or otherwise injured in the violent explosion, which occurred at 4 p.

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The services included operation of the transportation system, used by American personnel, and the operation of the municipal water system. Of this total, 16, will leave from Calcutta while 20, will leave from Karachi. Yunpi Denoia went in and dragged out the flaming WP bomb. Cause of the explosion was not known but American Army officials at Theater Headquarters in Delhi said there was no connection between the blast and the recent Indian demonstration in Calcutta.

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The extent of additional damage in the area was not known. Scopeletti, Meominster, Mass. The announcement was made by Theater Headquarters, which reported the victim died at 4 a. Convoy was furnished drivers by the th QM Truck Co. The last actual convoy to Frwe over The Road was sent by the U.

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