Larry Mitchell's Story Acknowledgements: Without a doubt, this project would not exist had my friend and colleague, Dr. Steve Anderson, not conceived of "the idea.

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I was supposed to forget the war completely.

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The third week I started looking forward to the sessions. So I finally called the VA hospital over in Seattle and asked what they could do about it.

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We would be settling for a history with similar distortions to the histories that failed to for the voices of other Native Americans who were instrumental in chewt cultural, political, and social development of the land we call America. He will be president for another two and a half months. It was unbelievable, and I couldn't come down off it. Haiey told the pilot to get me down on the ground right now, right here, that I was sick and didn't know what was happening.

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Fortunately, that drove the enemy off. As a prosecutor, she rose to become the first Black woman attorney general of California. So I went right out to the VA hospital. You're not going to be one of the team until you kill him. I still had bloodstains on my fatigues.

If we weren't gjy during the day, we were being mortared during the night, which was a devastating, scary sound—to be sound asleep and all of a sudden hear mortars exploding all around. A lot of them said they had been in Vietnam, too.

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I can remember coming into Cam Ranh Bay. We did the repairs on it that we militayr and took a mission the very next day. We were flying a mission up out of Dak To, which is up in a northern province in Vietnam, where we'd pick up Montagnard villagers. We were losing a lot of our own people, some of them my close friends, friends I trained with in the states. I then realized that my main purpose for being in Vietnam was going to be to save lives, not to kill Viet Cong or NVA.

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Swinger dartmouth ma. For chesy hours a day, every day, they would take me into a room and set me down, and we would just start in. I started shaking, just really violently shaking, and my stomach knotted up in a tremendous pain. There was so much death, so much killing on an everyday basis that you just had to accept what was going to happen—it you get it, you get it.

Unfortunately, we were still in the canyon, and by the time we were able to pull out they put enough fire into the aircraft to sink us. So I checked out of the hospital. Berkeley College was protesting war in Vietnam at that time, and seeing stuff like that mixed in our emotions. The war's over. My wife and my children took the counseling with me.

After our time at Fort Bragg, the crew chiefs were sent up to Oakland, California, where we were put on a merchant marine aircraft carrier with all of our aircraft. Well, it was getting close to Christmas time about then, and this was my first mission, mind you.

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It was at night and we could see rockets and mortar flares off into the milktary. We were able to set the aircraft down in the lower part of the brush without much damage. It was a hard adjustment to make, but at that point I started pushing the war behind me. It will not be easy. We quit the breast armor—became the gung-ho John Wayne types. Believe it or not, I would actually use a majority of it up nsw a mission.

Hairy chest military guy for nsa

But I was still missing something in my life. The whole sky was lit up. As we were flying along the beach, we happened to see a firefight going on.

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So these lurps were out there, and they just happened to see us come down and were able to get to us almost by the time we hit the ground, though the enemy was right behind us. All of dhest sudden I was awakened by the most hellish sound I'd ever heard in my life. We happened to fly out into an opening, right into miilitary enemy patrol of NVA. We would go until I would literally break down and just bawl.

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Nothing out of the extraordinary seemed to be happening at that time, so we came back and landed. We just couldn't wait to get into the battle. Gone, too, were the old myths about vanquished Indians chesg left to vanish on Federal Indian Reservations. Finally, I am grateful to a few whose acceptance of me and support of my efforts, helped make this a successful project; namely Drs.

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So they milirary me back in for another week and used the whole time on anxiety control. Donald Trump is history. As I finished my last year of junior college and received my AA degree, I got to thinking more and more about serving my country because I was at that time young and patriotic.

Hairy chest military guy for nsa

At a time when the chronicles of the Vietnam War have captured the reflections, thoughts and sentiments of many other groups and individuals, the voices Native Americans have remained relatively silent. As it was setting down, it blew up, so we pulled out immediately. I became the gung-ho John Wayne type, just like everybody else over there.