Oh yeah hold on a second. This all right, I can't even pick it up on the camera. What's going on Y'all? Fick live right now to breaking news breaking news y'all right now. I'm out here before the news can get out here. We have a tenderloin blaze going on right now.

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Manama Tel Aviv Dubai. Huh Yeah, but we're trying to we don't wanna be.

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Call the National Guard, I heard you say G, we're gonna have to yeah cuz there's too much for the father for me. We got my I love. That's what you're doing right now this this Dallas County right here. A football field.

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The building just collapsed again More explosions. It's very hot out here right now. Turn the camera you gotta go out.

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Yeah, we're gonna have to pray Y'all because like I said this fire is way until you to be honest with you right now. This shit is crazy. Do you see how the front that's the priarie building right there.

I back in a minute. This way, yeah, Okay, I don't know. So now it's starting to turn up. She's just burning.

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Gloryhole in Grande Prairie just want to find around but know there is platonic and now I'm gonna here posting an ad, expressing Adult wants real sex Abbyville drama then lets Gloryhole in W Prairie up. Oh, no, we're close.

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We're we're good people as much as the toughest. This stuff is on there.

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Yeah, but I'm trying to figure how out deep it Geand. I can't say that it's too big It's too big for one and I'm I'm pretty sure they already got them already. Oh you see my live right now.

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I'm doing good. Lots of things out there. Don't be coy here. You can't see that cuz that he'll covering up.

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Yeah, they're gonna have they're gonna think about how to how to hit this. That's right here.

It ain't gonna blow up. This is bad y'all I've been have this since 11 o'clock and it got this worse while ago, the fire was so big that it hit the other part of our warehouse and with larger the flame was up in the air where Y'all at right now if Y'all step outside Y'all can see how big this is from where you are you in right now, Look at your house, you can see the smoke.

There you go there.

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I'm not that's part of the fire departments sixty-one. No they try to keep water right here on this thing right here cuz they're trying to keep them uh the towels from exploding Those chemicals can be careful for that to start spreading this way over the fire.

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Y'all Oh shit hold on Chris' cross Prairle is that water water. We're not close like that. Yeah, this is a great Harry Y'all.

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Oh, man they're calling in the airport uh fire department. The trucks are gone. Two It's always that's always this is getting hotter.

And the people is excruciating. It's not it won't stop right there cuz there ain't no more to stop right there. Oh, that's a whole this whole side of me. It's gonna fall.